Thursday, October 25, 2007

My first attempt! Project Dollway Challenge 1 blogging and at designing for any challenge ever.
I am unafraid to challenge myself. I believe that is what life is for. Growth, joy and beauty!

I had fun designing my first gowns for The Project Dollway "At Home Challenge". Their first challenge was to design for Mel odom's Gene doll in a Red Carpet Event. I mistakenly read in the description that (modern) Gene would be attending a Red Carpet event like: the MTV Awards, or the Oscars. I wanted to do something edgy so I came up with a "Gene meets Gwen Stefani" look to walk the MTV Awards carpet. Gwen, like Gene, is so very retro so I thought it would be a great way to bring Gene to this century! Wrong!

First mistake. Read, read, read the challenge info carefully! The last sentence stated the outfit was for the OSCARS!
I loved my creation. I used vintage sequins, a softly printed leopard print for the gown and finished it off with a soft brown boa (faux preferably) that circled Gene's feet.


Christopher said...

I loved both your Gene and Ellowyne challenge designs! And congrats on winning the Ellowyne one. I think you really captured the look and feel of Ellowyne. She was my last challenge before being eliminated from Project Dollway and I have to say I did not like her at first. She has grown on me now and even though I sold my first fit model, I have since ordered the new wigged Ellowyne. Good luck in the future at home challenges...I'll be playing right along with you! Christopher

darlingdivadurelle said...

BIG...Congrats on your Ellowyne WIN!!!!!
OK... we need more blogging from you Dal...more pictures more stuff... one post weeks ago.. need more...hehehe