Sunday, September 5, 2010

2010 2nd Place Winner of Couture Doll Design Competition

                          As seen in Summer 2010 Fashion Doll Quarterly (FDQ Magazine)
2nd Place Winner of 2010's first CDDC

And Challenge 7 WINNER!

Couture Doll Design Competition (CDDC) was held almost concurrently with Project Dollway At Home 2. I won 2nd Place in both comps and was featured in Summer 2010 Fashion Doll Quarterly (FDQ Magazine) as well as the April 2010 Doll Reader Magazine. The talented Emilia Neminen won First Place honors. There were eight challenges with various industry professionals as esteemed judges:

Challenge 1- Make Mine Mod - David Buttry
Challenge 2 - Put Your Best Foot Forward - Joe Tai
Challenge 3 - Embellished - Magalie Dawson
Challenge 4 - On The Fashion Edge - Rob Thompson
Challenge 5 - On the Red Carpet - Jim Faraone
Challenge 6 - Inspired by Audrey - Randall Craig
Challenge 7 - Mad WoMen - Stephen Fraser
Challenge 8 - Around the World in One Fashion! - Rudi Teruel

Challenge 1- Make Mine Mod- Sherbet colored silk gown with mod graphic bodice, hot pink feathered wrap and lime green gloves. Model: Fashion Royalty Black As Night Kyori.
Challenge 2- Put Your best Foot Forward- I created chunky, glittery party shoes embellished with pearls as my inspiration. Sheer bodice topped a silk satin and sheer organdy animal print skirt. SUnglasses and earring were created to match her flirty ensemble.
Model: Antoinette Blank face Mannequin.

Challenge 3- Embellished- Model: Wigged Madame Alexander's Alex wearing a fully embellished three piece Diana as Queen ensemble had she lived to reign.

Challenge 4- On the Fashion Edge- Grey silk "felted" balloon skirt. High waisted bodice in matching grey dupioni silk edged in black scalloped pleather. A circus-inspired diamond print appears on bodice and repeats in silver metallic leggings. Her booties are decorated with scalloped pleather and matching diamond trim. An austere wrap made from black and white silk knit from Mood fabrics in NYC. Her hair is wrapped high and festooned with sheer netting and a ribboned bow.

Challenge 5- On The Red Carpet- Model: 14" Haute Exclusive Sybarite

Challenge 6- Inspired by Audrey

Challenge 7- MadWoMen
Model: Robert Tonner's Antoinette doll

Challenge 8- WINNER! Around the World in One Fashion! One design/four looks!
Overall 2nd place winner of 2010 CDDC.

Challenge 8 Winner
Description for Judges:
Cara Día-Noche lives in London and is Britain's newest fashion designer. 
She flew in to attend Barcelona's Fashion Week's high profile Dinner to Ban Bullfighting along with retired matadors and the brightest Spanish runway designers.
Upon Cara's arrival in Spain, she is notified that her carry-on tote with her dinner outfit is on it's way to Hoboken but she's not worried because she is wearing her newest design innovation: a reversible micro-fiber travel raincoat. The trench is perfect for traveling from London's cool, rainy weather with it's double breasted pockets for storing jewelry, makeup and travel documents, but it is the reverse of her black trench that is the star of her ensemble. It turns into a gold dupioni silk metallic embroidered matador styled dinner coat!
Cara removes the long fishnet tee she's layered over her skirt and leather bustier for a more elegant look under her lavish evening coat. She tucks the bustier under the skirt to reveal a dressier high waisted custom pleated silk skirt. She uses the net scarf that was under her plaid wool cap and uses it to create a sexy one shoulder look by knotting it and pinning a gold flower she had stored in her trench-coat pocket.

She removes her bunched nylon knee highs (she wears to be comfy once her heels come off in flight) to reveal sheer stockings and patent leather heels. Cara then wraps her furry scarf on her head to resemble a matador's cap.

She is ready in minutes to reveal the mastery of Bullfighting but not in the arena, but in fashion, as art.

Model: Tonner's Kir Royale Carrie.

2010 2nd Place Winner of PDW@Home2

In 2010 I entered a second online doll fashion competitions that ran almost concurrently.
I won 2nd Place in both Project Dollway At Home 2 (PDW@Home2) and Couture Doll Design Competition (CDDC1).

My designs appeared again in Doll Reader Magazine (seen below) and FDQ (Fashion Doll Quarterly).
There were 6 challenges in PDW@Home 2. Only Tonner's Antoinette mannequin dolls could be used. Robert Tonner himselfjudged as well as this top designer, Joe Petrollese and head Art Director, Tom Courtney. I won 2nd place and was featured in Doll Reader Magazine along with the talented Jason Kramer, who won First Place.

Challenge 1- EveningWear

Challenge 2- DayWear
Challenge 3- SleepWear
Challenge 4- SportWear
Challenge 5- Funwear (This time we were allowed to repaint our blank face mannequin). I chose as my inspiration a "LeCirque-esque" tribute to Alexander McQueen, complete with McQueen's 2009 Runway booties.
Challenge 6- AnyWear

I continued with my "Circus" theme, with felt hat, red plastic veil, copper boots and accessories.

Challenges 5 & 6 were my favorite, where I was free to explore modern circus-inspired runway fashion. I loved creating the accessories, shoes and hats.

2009 First Place Winner of Project Dollway At Home!

In 2009, I entered a doll fashion competition "Project Dollway At Home". The Grand Prize winner of PDW@Home would be featured in Doll Reader Magazine in an article written by editor, Jill Jackson. Parameters were to choose one doll in one era that we would design for in twelve two-week challenges. I chose a diminuative model, Vintage Licca, and the era I chose was MOD. I won First Place and was featured in the November 2009 Doll Reader Magazine.

Montage of 12 designs: (Left to right)

1st Challenge: VINTAGE (MOD)
Design: Big print graphic hat & minidress, ruffled collar and contrasting silk tie.
2nd Challenge: PLEATS
3rd Challenge: DOLMAN
4th Challenge: LAYERED
5th Challenge: ZODIAC
7th Challenge: EMPIRE
6th Challenge: PEEKABOO
8th Challenge: ROCKIN
9th Challenge: REVERSIBLE
10th Challenge: FITTED
11th Challenge: DRAPED
12th Challenge: BRIDE