Sunday, September 5, 2010

2009 First Place Winner of Project Dollway At Home!

In 2009, I entered a doll fashion competition "Project Dollway At Home". The Grand Prize winner of PDW@Home would be featured in Doll Reader Magazine in an article written by editor, Jill Jackson. Parameters were to choose one doll in one era that we would design for in twelve two-week challenges. I chose a diminuative model, Vintage Licca, and the era I chose was MOD. I won First Place and was featured in the November 2009 Doll Reader Magazine.

Montage of 12 designs: (Left to right)

1st Challenge: VINTAGE (MOD)
Design: Big print graphic hat & minidress, ruffled collar and contrasting silk tie.
2nd Challenge: PLEATS
3rd Challenge: DOLMAN
4th Challenge: LAYERED
5th Challenge: ZODIAC
7th Challenge: EMPIRE
6th Challenge: PEEKABOO
8th Challenge: ROCKIN
9th Challenge: REVERSIBLE
10th Challenge: FITTED
11th Challenge: DRAPED
12th Challenge: BRIDE

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