Sunday, September 5, 2010

2010 2nd Place Winner of PDW@Home2

In 2010 I entered a second online doll fashion competitions that ran almost concurrently.
I won 2nd Place in both Project Dollway At Home 2 (PDW@Home2) and Couture Doll Design Competition (CDDC1).

My designs appeared again in Doll Reader Magazine (seen below) and FDQ (Fashion Doll Quarterly).
There were 6 challenges in PDW@Home 2. Only Tonner's Antoinette mannequin dolls could be used. Robert Tonner himselfjudged as well as this top designer, Joe Petrollese and head Art Director, Tom Courtney. I won 2nd place and was featured in Doll Reader Magazine along with the talented Jason Kramer, who won First Place.

Challenge 1- EveningWear

Challenge 2- DayWear
Challenge 3- SleepWear
Challenge 4- SportWear
Challenge 5- Funwear (This time we were allowed to repaint our blank face mannequin). I chose as my inspiration a "LeCirque-esque" tribute to Alexander McQueen, complete with McQueen's 2009 Runway booties.
Challenge 6- AnyWear

I continued with my "Circus" theme, with felt hat, red plastic veil, copper boots and accessories.

Challenges 5 & 6 were my favorite, where I was free to explore modern circus-inspired runway fashion. I loved creating the accessories, shoes and hats.

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