Monday, January 12, 2015

dalsdolls fashions for sale!

My favorite sewing challenge is a CHALLENGE! I created these for Integrity's FR Gloss Convention Advanced Design Competition this past October. The parameters were to design for the 1960-1965 era, my favorite! 
Most sold at convention but I do take commission work.

Maraschino Cherié - MADMEN styled orange and dark cherry silk dupioni swing coat and skirt with gold, pink, red and orange tiny sequined cap sleeved top. Sheer wrap pillbox hat and clutch included- $120 (Sold).
Commissions available for top and skirt- $70

Martini Lounge- Copper colored iridescent stretch knit sheath with attached black beaded yoke, gold belt, "Chanel" styled jacket with matching trim and furry headpiece. Gold purse trimmed in faux fur finishes the ensemble. $100.
Sheath alone- $60
Purse- $40

Champagne Coquette- Gold Sheet fits FR2 and 2013 FR body. Separate boa capelet. Comes with matching fabric hat and gold Judith Leiber styled oval purse on chain- $120.

Office Swank- Black silk dupinoni retro styled sheath with white trim and black patent leather belt. Topped with a leopard knit swing short coat and chiffon scarf, and mid length leatherette gloves. Comes with red half moon clutch (not shown)- $150
Jacket only- $75
Leopard chiffon scarf- $10

Silver 'n Satin- Blue satin party dress with gradating blue tulle panels, lace bodice, and silver clutch- $120 (SOLD)

Mint Julep- Gold patterned silk sheath with gold chain quilted purse and tulle wide brimmed hat- $100 (In a private collection).
Purse only- $45

My Girl- Green satin party dress. Includes a gold chain purse, and sheer ruffled wide brim hat trimmed with one flower and white pearl beads. $90
Hat only- $30
Purse- $45

Snow Ball- Satin and gold trimmed party dress with fur hem. Includes a gold clutch, short gloves and bow pillbox- $120. 

Office Darling- Chiffon skirt, pink sweater with beaded trim, white full slip and leatherette tote- $100 (SOLD)

The "Chanel" Set- Patent leather boatneck "Chanel" top, gold knit skirt and chiffon scarf- $100 

For INFO and Commission work: contact

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