Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Challenge #4- Cotton Ballgown with oversized Element

Challenge #4 we had to use Tonner's beautiful Tyler doll. The challenge was designing a Ballgown made entirely in cotton with a twist: had to have an oversized element such as fabric print or design element.
I initially wanted to use cotton chintz. I had some floral chintz with large white hydrangeas on an ivy colored background that would have been amazing but I felt the weight was not conducive for Tyler. So I used white eyelet instead. If the challenge was making us think out of the box, then I wanted a fabric that would not normally be used for something as formal as a ball gown. It worked. My oversize element was the people sized eyelet fabric AND a flower that graced her right shoulder. I was happy with the outcome and the critique from the judges; Alexandra Cooper and Ted Menten. "This is a delightful confection using an oversize eyelet very successfully. The silhouette is interesting but lack the fullness of a classic ballgown. There are wonderful touches here including the giant pearl choker. The fan element behind the shoulder is exactly what the challenge called for. I'm not sure what I think of the silver ornament in front. It works here, but it seems forced." Editing is a major part of designing. There is always a danger in adding too much. Live and learn.

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