Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Challenge 5- Susie Country/places Design 1

Susie by RnD Dolls is probably my favorite doll so far to design for. I have but one Susie doll but I do own many many similiarly made Momoko dolls which I used as my stand-in. Momoko dolls were first made by the Petworks Co. in Japan and then sold to Sekiguchi two years after they were introduced in 2002.

This challenge was about the "client" and we had to design for this world traveler who would draw inspiration from the cities or countries she visited. I submitted five designs! And I would have had a sixth if I had had the time (a girl from Harlem). The only other parameter is that the outfit had to look contemporary but the local color had to be obvious and reasonably authentic. My first design was Susie in Paris. I wanted a chic silhouette with contemporary styling and as a graphic designer I love using texture and color as a design element. I added a sheer dotted ruffle to the neckline and sleeves of a plaid slim sheath. It is hard to see but the beret and the sleeves are both made of the same mottled brown velveteen. (Click on photo to see the full size version). I also made the bag that carried her baguette and flowers and finished her look with one silver Eiffel tower earring. Modeling is Petworks 03AN Momoko.

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