Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Challenge 7- Fashion Royalty's "Moonlight" WINNER!

Challenge 7 posed if we were Fashion Royalty designers creating a new collection titled "Joie de vivre" (joy of living), what would the centerpiece ensemble look like? This centerpiece set will be called "Clair de lune" or Moonlight. We were free to interpret these two phrases. I chose "Moonlight Blue" for my 1st design. Moonlight often casts a beautiful blue light through open windows. I placed my Black As Night Kyori Sato just in this room of light. She and her romantic beau have just arrived in a five star hotel in Paris. They have danced and dined at the most luxurious of places on the Seine and now they are quiet. The moon shines through tall windows and Kyori's heart is still like the Spring night air. It is at this moment seeing her beauty that her beau thinks this moment only is the true joy of life.

I shopped for the perfect steel blue fabric for the dance dress I had in mind but I wanted something that would show lightness yet intense color as well. When I spotted the various hues of fine blue tulle I knew I had found what I was looking for. I bought three different tulles, pale blue for the two panels in front, a medium blue and a midnight blue for the sides and back. I ended up not using the medium blue on the sides because the effect was reached without piling on the fabric. This was judge Alexandra Cooper and Ted Menten's comment: "Now I am completely envious of this little plastic vixen. This dress is just breathtaking and I mean it will take the breath out of any man she meets. This is pure sexual elegance in the best possible sense. In the real world this would work because the structured bodice would support the delicate, unsupported bust itself. This is a thoughtful and provocative dress that hits all the right notes. I don't know if it will be the lady or her escort that will be celebrating the "joy of life" more."I won this challenge to my delight!

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