Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Challenge 6- Alex "Movie Icon" Design 1

Madame Alexander's Alex is challenge number six. We must imagine that we are an original film's costume designer. Our challenge is to pick a film and a scene in the film and then design the Movie Icon dress. The doll we are to use is Madame Alexander's modern Alex doll. She is 16" tall and I do not have one. A lovely group member, Elna has offered to lend me her doll Jadde! Aren't doll people amazing?

I originally wanted to re-design Dorothy's Wizard of OZ dress. That blue gingham was long overdue for an overhaul but sadly Jadde just looked too sophisticated in my rough first drape so I aborted that idea. My 2nd attempt was Marilyn Monroe in The 7 Year Itch. The Girl Upstairs was sexy and fun and I liked that! I found a photo of Monroe wearing polka dots and knew it was what I wanted. Unfortunately though the critique was favorable, using a dark fabric on an evening set was not considered. I still think the dress is adorable and when air moves under it, it floats!

Click on any of the photos to see a large size version.

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