Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Challenge 7- Fashion Royalty's "Moonlight Eclipse" Design 2

Now I was on a roll. I was happy with what I created for Moonlight Blue but also had time to think about doing another idea that had been brewing in my mind's eye. I loved the idea of Moon light interrupted: the light from an Eclipse! Or rather, what the lunar surface looks like to us from Earth when the earth's shadow reflects on the moon. Black & White.

So I hunted for something that was the opposite of harsh, and found a wonderful "furried" fabric in those very two colors. I had some glittery stretchy knits at home I wanted to use but I also wanted to offset all that softness with an edgier trim. I found what I was looking for at a Home decor shop - an unconventional pleated trim. The stretch fabric was perfect for the buxom blonde Intergrity line Eve Kitten. And I love blondes in both white and black so she was perfect.

The bent arm gave me the idea of using the black and white skirt as an interchangeable wrap, coat or full length skirt. I embellished the pleats with a pretty black jeweled trim found in the wedding section of a fabric store. The review for the overall design was well received but our judge, Alexandra Cooper, felt the pleats were too contrasting. This was what they said: "An interesting concept beautifully executed. It is elegant and imaginative with all the necessary elements. However, I personally find the pleated treatment at the top of the bodice to be a bit tailored for the rest of the concept. It is a harsh 'note' in the design. I prefer the version without it." Click on any photo to see a large sized version.

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