Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Challenge 8- Helen Kish/Erté Design

The challenge is to select one or more Erté or Poiret fashion illustrations and create a fantasy gown for a woman of today, but clearly inspired by either artist of the ART DECO style. I chose two black and white illustrations that captivated me in their grace and movement. One was of a woman's head and arms only covered in fine chains with dangling tassles like marionettes on each end. The other, a dramatic styilized rendering of a woman in a striped coat, the arms alternating between wide black and white stripes and the entire garment flowing and arching as only Erté the master can do. I searched fabric stores for the perfect inspiration but found nothing. I had in my mind the type of crochetted lace I wanted, had seen and was not ready to cut a piece out of...yet. It was one of many garments I used as costume for a Biblical play I had done last winter. I draped the fabric on my stand-in doll, Tyler. It looked perfect. I cut. She stayed draped for days while I nursed an angry flu. All I needed was an undergarment of fitted black knit. I decided on a simple tube dress because the fabric needed only just that. No large stripes for this delicate fabric of ivory and pewter. I wanted a graceful wrap with hints of Erté's beautiful drawing. It is a fantasy gown. It would have to be tied at each juncture of the arm for it not to cascade down, but who would care? The effect is all we need.


Andrea said...

Dal, This is awesome! Your outfit is just breathtaking! Thank you for taking part and showing us how to do it properly!
Best wishes - Andrea

nora baskin said...

dal- this is amazing..She looks alive. Like I can see her holding her arms up..The dress is lovely. And so are you!

dals dolls said...

OMG I forget you can post on my blog! Thanks so much Andrea (sooo talented!) and my dear friend Nora (writer extraordinaire!)!!!!

You BOTH made my day.